Thursday, 4 August 2011

Ruddy Darter (Sympetrum sanguineum) at Silverdale, Lancashire, and butterflies at Latterbarrow, Cumbria

August 3, 2011:
A small sheltered pool near Silverdale, a known site for Ruddy Darters, was visited for the second time in eight days. Unlike last week when none was seen, this time a single brightly coloured male patrolled the pool margin.

[Ruddy Darter, showing the all-black legs, waisted abdomen and club-shaped tail]

Several Emerald Damselflies perched on the marginal vegetation and two Southern Hawkers flew high amongst the surrounding trees.

[Emerald Damselfly, female. The two diagnostic sub-triangular marks on segment 2 can be seen]

Earlier in the day a visit in ideal conditions to limestone grassland at Latterbarrow was rewarded with a large number of Peacocks nectaring on marjoram along with pristine Red Admirals. Also there was a single Brimstone but it was too late in the season for the Northern Brown Argus which may sometimes be seen here. Of particular interest also, was a nice fresh example of the Small Copper aberration (ab. caeruleopunctata (Tutt)).


[Red Admiral]


[Small Copper ab. caeruleopunctata (Tutt)]

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