Thursday, 11 August 2011

Butterflies in the Peloponnese, Greece (2)

June 18-21, 2011:
Skipper and 'Blue' butterflies in southern Europe are quite difficult to identify with accuracy. However, some of those seen recently in the northern Peloponnese are shown here. This is the second part of a posting initially made several weeks ago.

Most of these butterflies were seen on the middle slopes of Chelmos (at about 1500 m altitude) where they were visiting trackside flowers or higher up on the flowery meadows of the Xerocampos. Skippers seen on the mountain included Oberthur's Grizzled (Pyrgus armoricanus), Orbed Red Underwing [=Hungarian Skipper] (Spialia orbifer), Olive (Pyrgus serratulae) and Dingy (Erynnis tages). At lower level there were Small (Thymelicus sylvestris), and Marbled Skippers (Carcharodus lavatherae), the latter seen taking salts from moist red mud.

[Oberthur's Grizzled Skipper (and top photo also)]

[Orbed Red Underwing Skipper]

[Olive Skipper]

[Marbled Skipper, taking salts on terra rossa mud]

Also on Chelmos were Adonis Blues (Lysandra bellargus)and Pontic Blues (Neolysandra coelestina) (the latter becoming rather worn since it was late in their season). Unfortunately, the endemic Chelmos Blue was not identified with certainty. At lower levels, two other blues were on the red mud along with the Marbled Skippers. These have been tentatively identified as Osiris Blues (Cupido osiris) and Zephyr Blues (Plebejus pylaon).

[Adonis Blue]

[Pontic Blue, a rather worn specimen]

[Osiris Blue, tentative i.d.]

[Zephyr Blue, tentative i.d.]

Alternative suggestions are welcomed for the last two (please click on 'Comments' below).

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  1. I think the last one might be Escher's Blue...