Monday, 24 May 2010

DRAGONFLY: Four-spotted Chaser at Foulshaw, Cumbria

May 23, 2010:
The period of good weather which benefited the butterflies also brought out the dragonflies. At Foulshaw on the main pool, dozens of Four-spotted Chasers were flying but were reluctant to settle or perch. Further on by the path near the platform there are some large stagnant puddles. Again the Chasers were frequent here, the males often conveniently settled on the surrounding vegetation and claiming territory and driving off intruders. At one large puddle a female repeatedly dipped down, its abdomen touching the water surface as it its layed eggs into the shallows.

Four-spotted Chaser

Also present here was the Azure Damselfly with its bright electric blue body. These were present in hundreds.

Azure Damselfly

The Large Red Damselfly was less frequent. It can easily be distinguished from its relative the Small Red by its black legs.

Large Red Damselfly

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