Monday, 17 May 2010

BUTTERFLY: Hermit (Chazara briseis), Avagas, Cyprus

May 7, 2010;
The Hermit ranges from southern Europe to north Africa. In the northern part of its range it is apparently becoming scarce but is widespread and common in the south. It is a rather large butterfly having a wingspan of up to 60mm. When at rest it behaves in a similar manner to the Grayling (Hipparchia semele) angling its wings in line with the sun so that very little shadow is cast and heat on the wings is minimised. It is found in hot, dry stony habitats with sparse vegetation where its colouration makes it difficult to separate it from the background. Its foodplant comprises several species of grass including Bromus, Festuca and Sesleria.

Photographed here perched on a gravelly track in the Akamas, western Cyprus, it was difficult to pick out against the background.

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  1. Hello i live in Cyprus and just started in taking butterfly pictures which i enjoy very much. can i ask you if you can tell me if The Hermit can have orange markings on the wings as i have got pictures of this and can't find any reference. I do have pictures of The Hermit and they do look the same apart from the orange. not yellow as i see on all the pictures on the internet. my email is cheers mike