Friday, 29 March 2013

Brown Hares are now very active in Lancashire

March 21-28, 2013:
As expected, 'March' hares are very active at this time of year and are relatively easy to see until the vegetation becomes taller later on. Many of the hares seen recently were feeding out in the open fields or lying low in the grass asleep, but some would occasionally spring to life for a short while and spar or romp with each other.

In areas of the county where hares are most frequent, the fields are huge, some up to a kilometre wide and, especially when resting they keep mainly to the centre which can make photography difficult.

However when they consider themselves well concealed, they will permit quite a close approach before springing up and racing away. In contrast the active ones will run off at the first sight of a human before stopping at a safe distance with ears up to look back and assess the situation. Small leverets will also be about now but are almost impossible to locate despite the grass still being short.

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