Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Cyprus Dragonflies

April 22-27, 2012:
Prolonged wet weather during the past winter has resulted in some of the best dragonfly pools such as those below the Asprokremnos dam being washed away by the fast outflowing water whilst flooded ground near other pools as at Phassouri made them unapproachable. The best views were at shady streamsides such as near Kidasi where Epallage fatime (Odalisques) and Calopterxy splendens (Banded Demoiselles) were frequent. The Epallage are especially interesting as they occupy a taxonomic position between the Demoiselles and the Lestes (Emerald damselfly) species, all of which perch with their wings spread rather than closed.

Males (above)


A tandem pair

Female Banded Demoiselle

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  1. Hello Michael,

    The latest phylogenetic analyses put the lestomorpha as the most basal group (with hemiphlebidae as the most basal), followed by the Platystictidae.

    So the Euphaeidae are not in the position you describe.

    They are certainly interesting though. I saw Epallage Fatime in Bulgaria last year.