Sunday, 10 July 2011

A visit to Foulshaw Moss, Cumbria

July 9, 2011:
During the past fortnight since I was last here the season had moved on dragonfly-wise with Black Darters and Emerald Damselflies now emerging. Black Darters seen were all males and mostly immatures with only the occasional one displaying its full colour. Most of the Emerald (Lestes) males had developed the blue pruinescence and these were very frequent in the marginal vegetation at the main pool.

[Emerald Damselflies, the dark brown pterostigma clearly seen, above]

The Black Darters were mostly immature males

Four-spotted Chasers were also flying but now in reduced numbers compared to two weeks ago and there were also several Emperors with at least one female seen ovipositing. Amongst the damselflies, as usual the Azures were by far the commonest here with a smaller number of Common Blue and Blue-tailed present. Flying conditions were very good: warm, sunny and with little or no wind.

[Azure Damselflies]

[Common Blue pair]

[Blue-tailed male]

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